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Combining over 120 years of international experience with local know-how to open doors of opportunity and prosperity for ambitious owners.

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Success founded in craftsmanship and respect for both our European and Chinese heritage.

Over the last 30 years, Kempinksi has built up a very deep and trusting relationship with our partner in China – The Beijing Tourism Group. The success of this relationship led to us forming this joint venture 20 years ago to explore new paths together.

Key International Hotel Management is the resulting strategic alliance and we have unprecedented success in development of the hotel and branded residence management market in the territory. Together as one, we open doors of opportunity for motivated owners and ambitious investors proven by our rapidly expanding footprint in Asia.

Matthias Al-Amiry

Vice President Operations Greater China & Mongolia
General Manager of Key International Hotels Management Co. Ltd.

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A rich combination

of European flair
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We empower owners to
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Drawing on over two decades as China and South East Asia’s leader in hospitality management, Key International offers unparalleled local insights, bespoke capabilities, and a uniquely flexible approach that opens the door to success for ambitious investors.

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